Thursday, May 13, 2010

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I already like KFB better than PCP because the first week is all "eat whatever you want!" as long as you reduce your night carbs. Then the workout is just kicks and punches and holding stances and stuff. I feel like a kung fu badass. Also, Patrick mentioned we get more indulgences. Score.

I resent having to count jumps again. I feel like I've been demoted to kindergarten. (Which might actually be fun—definitely more fun than counting jumps. At least kindergarten involves crayons.)

I don't mind counting to 30(1000), etc.,  when we have to hold a stance.

I'm already starting to rebel. At my house, we don't eat carbs much at night anymore, but as soon as I got Patrick's instructions to eat fewer, I was all: CARBS CARBS CARBS CARBS CARBS CARBS HANDFULOFGRAPES CARBS CARBS BANANA CARBS CARBS COOKIEDOUGH CARBS!
Last night, I had the brilliant idea to get Chinese for dinner. Or pad thai! Pacato was all "Um, eat a bowl of noodles much?" And I was all, "Hmmph." So we compromised by sharing some hummus, which I enjoyed with a beet salad. (Incidentally, the hummus was not too salty, as it was during one of my PCP indulgences.) After dinner, I made panzanella for a picnic today, and I liberally taste-tested the bread cubes. Then I went crazy seasoning it with salt. Totally unlike me. And now it's almost too salty to eat. Oops. 

Confession: I don't wait more than 5 seconds between sets. I didn't do it during PCP either, once I figured how much time I could save on my workout. Perhaps KFB will teach me to "be" in that moment, but right now, I'd rather "be" outside or "be" not getting up at 5:30 am every day.

This blog post will be my last comparing KFB to PCP.

I opted for pull-ups instead of incline pull-ups, since I never did find a good at-home solution for the incline. But seeing as how I haven't done anything but jumprope and 8-minute abs in the past couple of months, my back muscles were like, "Are you serious?"

The 5-minute meditation feels like 1 minute. I'm beginning to wonder if I've been falling asleep.

Whenever I catch myself thinking during the meditation, I label it *thought. That's literally what it looks like. Then I watch it float away. I'm not sure who told me about this technique...maybe someone in college or perhaps I read it somewhere. But it's kinda fun. When Pacato and I first started dating, we went to a donation-based meditation class at one of the centers in the city. They did not teach us this technique. But I can't remember what they taught us, so it doesn't matter. That was one of those things where we were like, "Wow, we should really start meditating every day" and then never did it again.

The side leg swing: um? I'm not sure I caught on, but I gave it my best shot. Patrick, you should totally do a short instructional video for all the kung fu moves. I feel confident this is what Mr. Miyagi would have done had he been working remotely with the Karate Kid.

Oh! Speaking of the Karate Kid, look what I found from college:

Incidentally, I didn't see the movie till last year. Pacato was right. I was really missing out. Next up in never-before-seen classic 80s movies: Back to the Future.

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  1. I CANNOT believe you've never seen Back to the Future.