Sunday, May 23, 2010

Hot Box

It was, like, a gazillion degrees in my apartment when I was doing my morning workout. I felt like a wrestler. Or one of those people who walks through Prospect Park in a rubber suit. Sweatin' off that weight,  y'all.

A lot of the agility moves we do are similar to capoeira moves. We call the hook a galopante. The side kick is a martelo.

This morning when I was on my second set of side kicks, I got some tightness in my chest that wouldn't go away. It still hasn't gone away, actually. Pacato finally made me stop exercising, so I moved on to meditation. I'll have to come back to the rest later.

On the food front, I was crazy domestic last night. My intention is to make all our bread, so I started last night with a basic sourdough recipe that I'll bake this evening. I also made strawberry preserves and my own version of Early Bird granola. THEN, I cleaned the kitchen.

Pat. On. The. Back.


  1. Weird, I have some chest issues too this week. Recipe for preserves? Nom nom nom?

  2. Any plans to make homemade peanut butter? Please?

  3. Maybe we pulled something?