Monday, May 17, 2010

On a whim...

Tonight I went to a lecture at the Natural Gourmet Institute about how cooking techniques enhance nutrition. It was pretty interesting. According to macrobiotic counselor Denny Waxman, the way we cook our food not only brings out different nutrients but also affects the quality of energy we get from it.

For example, quick steaming vegetables brings out fiber (might explain all that gas) and also calms the mind. Blanching (my new favorite technique—why steam for 5 minutes when you can blanch for 30 seconds?) enhances water-soluble vitamins (B & C) and clears the mind. Sauteing is great for vigorous physical activity and quick thinking because it brings out protein. Even frying enhances protein and can provide stamina.

He pointed out that everything we eat becomes our blood. I've been thinking a lot lately about healing through nutrition. I've definitely replaced the old attitude of "will this food make me fat?" with "will this food keep me healthy?"

Anyway, an interesting TED talk by Dean Ornish about the power of food to heal:

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  1. Cool! Good stuff. And I like your kung fu college pic.