Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Paper chaser

Does anybody else find the paper punches incredibly humbling?

Not only did I not knock down the sheet with the steely windpower of my punch, I accidentally hit the thing . . . twice . . . and it still did not fall over. I guess my best defense currently, should I run into an ogre in a dark alley, is to run. Or maybe knee him in the balls.


  1. Adjust the width of the "legs" of the paper to get an easier fall.

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  3. These are fun. I felt like the big bad wolf (is he the one who huffs and puffs and blows your house down? I'm getting my fairytales all confused) when my paper finally fell!

    Try writing something on it (a trick I learned when I was trying to break a board at summer camp). Like - PEANUT BUTTER CRAVING or REALITY TV ADDICTION

  4. Hey! Your comment is not showing up on my blog, so I'll respond here. Let's try and call each other when we have one of these diet breakdown moments. What do you think? I'll be your PB Addiction Sponsor.

    And I hope I wasn't the Enabler on the Roof on Saturday!

  5. Um, definitely not. I was eating cookies long before you got there. 'Member? The chocolate chip were already gone. :-) Yes, let's do that!