Friday, July 16, 2010

Special delivery!

I am poised to begin a new chapter in my life . . . on wheels!

Inside each of those boxes is a bike.

And do you know who just carried them both up two flights of stairs?

That's right.

This guy, right here.

Go go kung fu arms!


  1. woo-hoo!!! can't wait to check 'em out on Saturday!

  2. awesome!!!!! betta recognize. ps. chia seeds spotted @ the coop- look up (by the hemp seeds)!

  3. congratulations, emily!!! is that a Jamis logo I see? If so, you'll love those bikes! (and i'm sure you'll love them regardless). Check out Transportation Alternatives (where I work here in NYC - we do tons of bicycle stuff! Yaaaay for biking around the city!

  4. Awesome - Are you gonna ride them down your stairs full throttle too? Now that would be Kung Fu awesome! Great job!

  5. Woot! Being a strong woman is such a satisfying feeling.