Wednesday, July 21, 2010


I took a KFB vacation today. This week, I've kinda been over being told what and how much to eat. My mind is having trouble reconciling wanting to make its own choices with living up to my commitment to the program. (My mind usually wins, but it feels more like a desperate rebellion than a conscious choice.)

Patrick warned us we might be tired this week. I've been exhausted, fighting to keep my eyes open during the day. Morning KFB + evening capoeira + all-day heat is a monster equation for fatigue. But this morning, my whole body hurt. So I opted for sleep instead of exercise. I made no-bake cookies when I got home from work, and the sugar high inspired me to go to capoeira instead of getting all kung fu in my living room. Then I had a beer with a friend.

In short, the day was AWESOME.

Sometimes, a girl just needs a vacation.


  1. I celebrate your vacation! Besides, I notice that you still find a way to exercise and eat well even if there's one little beer here or there.
    The heat is such a big force. I was delusional thinking that training in summer was easier...

  2. I hear you, Emily. I've indulged lately as well. It helps you appreciate the conscious, healthy choices.

  3. Good for you! I hope you find the holy grail of balance on this break. I am desperately searching for it.

    Did you find the other holy grail called chia seed? I'll give some to P-daddy tomorrow. Safe travels!!!

  4. Emily - this post helps me today as I'm trying to get over the guilt of an unplanned indulgence yesterday. You're right, sometimes you just need to let go of the strict diet and cut loose within reason. I think this is good balance!