Friday, August 13, 2010

The End.

Rather than leave you with tremendously deep thoughts about the Kung Fu Body, I'll just say this: it was not at all what I expected. At times, I totally resented it. At other times, it was TOTALLY AMAZING. Looking to KFB for the same results I got on PCP was nigh on an impossible task, and I finally realized it a couple of weeks ago. The workouts are way more fun, that's for sure, but like Patrick said in his last e-mail to us, you can't go home again. I've learned that lesson in more than one way this year.

Still, a lot has changed in 90 days. Since KFB began, I have:

*turned 29.
*expanded my kitchen skills exponentially.
*come to my own understanding of death and the afterlife.
*started a writing group with Shivani and some other friends.
*discovered roller derby.
*signed up for that holistic nutrition certification course.
*made new friends.
*sung lots of Dolly Parton.
*driven cross-country for the third time.
*gotten a bike.
*watched my homeboy Pacato flourish in a creative new career.
*discovered eggplant caviar (thank you, Heather.)
*received loads of compliments on my arms.
*let go of many, many uncomfortable ideas about my body.
*embraced positive thinking with a simple word: YES!

And that's just a sample. . . .

So, instead of analysis, I will leave you with some milestones—
Standing Jump: 10.5 inches (26.7 cm)

Consecutive Ball Punches: 25

Morning Standing Forward Bend: Fingertips to floor with slight bend in knees; fingertips to tops of toes without bending knees

Standing Jump: 10.25 inches (26 cm)

Consecutive Ball Punches: 136 (That last one was sort of a whiff, so I stopped because I had to go to work.)

Morning Standing Forward Bend: Palms on the floor. Whoa.

And some photos—



. . . so you can draw your own conclusions.

Thank you for reading. Thank you for your encouragement and thoughtful commentary. To everybody currently doing or thinking about starting PCP or KFB, I wish you all the best!

To all the TOTALLY BAD ASS PCP veterans-turned-KFB KNOCK-OUTS, I think a Day 91 happy dance is in order.

See you soon!


  1. ROCK IT! ROCK IT!! Lookin' good! I love your happy dance! Congrats, arm muscles! Let's keep in touch, I'll pass my address on to Patrick, and I can learn about New York from you and Shivani! Sweet!

  2. YEAH! Definitely send your info—you should move to NYC next!

  3. Congratulations, Pingo!! You've been my hero and support so many times this year, and I seriously wouldn't have gotten through this challenge without you.

    Thrilled to be part of your writing group! Now that your arms are diesel, I expect tons of pages from you....

  4. Emily, congratulations!!
    What a great job you did. You're looking fantastic and cute with that helmet.
    It was fun and inspiring having you as a fellow KFBer,seeing you fight and grow during this difficult time.
    I wish I could meet you and Shivani one day for a training and some holistic nutritive celebration.
    I wish you all the best in your future adventures and discoveries

  5. As always Emily an absolute pleasure to work with someone so open, positive, and consistent as you. KFB COMPLETE!

  6. Great Job Emily! You are my new favourite superhero! Thanks for all your great posts and words of encouragement. It was great to be with such a wonderful group of positive and kind people. You look great and can probably kick ass too! Awesome!